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For smaller paddlers who want big sea kayak performance

  • LENGTH: 14'
  • GUNWALE WIDTH: 21.5"
  • MIDSHIP: 11"
  • COCKPIT: 16"X30"
  • WEIGHT: 49 LB
  • CAPACITY: 90-180 LB

    Skirt around a quiet cove, rolling in the surf, rising and falling with the push and pull of the sea. Glide effortlessly across the lake, watching your cottage get smaller as you near the islands begging for explorations. If you love day paddling and the occasional overnight camping trip, then the Mystic is made for you. It was designed for smaller paddlers who want big sea kayak performance, but also need the storage capacity found in a kayak designed for touring. It's at home both on open water and in secluded bays, and will carve through the swell with minimal resistance, letting you save a little energy for campsite shenanigans.