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Magnum 72

  • LENGTH: 7'11.6" (243 cm)
  • WIDTH: 26" (65 cm)
  • WEIGHT: 47.4 lbs 21.5 kg
  • COCKPIT SIZE: 34" x 18.5" 86 x 47 cm
  • CAPACTIY: 110 LBS - 180 LBS (50KG - 82 KG)

    Creeking is one of those things where science and the unknown can't be completely separated. At least it seems that way, but let's pull the strict science out of the equation with the Magnum. This thing sums up all the knowledge the Riot paddlers have acquired about creeking since day one. It's got the right length and shape to easily punch through features, without losing too much momentum and ending up going vertical. In short: buoyant yet maneuverable.