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Kinetic 100 Huntsman

Ideal for: fisherman looking for a nimble and lightweight platform, ideal for a variety of water types

  • LENGTH: 310 cm / 10'
  • WIDTH: 74 cm / 29"
  • WEIGHT: 22 kg / 48 lbs
  • CAPACITY: 140 kg / 310 lbs
  • HULL: hybrid 'c'

    With subtle features built into the Kinetic specifically with Anglers in mind like the multi faceted central console, carefully considered areas to allow you to mount a variety of bolt on components, quick paddle stash, and rod rests, The Kinetic is designed to allow you maximum flexibility in how you outfit and use your kayak.
    24cm Kajaksport hatch
    adjustable footrests
    15cm day hatch
    paddle keeper
    large rear tank-well
    fully adjustable skeg system