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Heron Fishing Inflatable SUP Board

Dual 7" diameter side chambers act like outriggers to make the NRS Heron SUP Board an incredibly stable platform for fishing. Move around the board with ease to make pinpoint presentations and to land hard-fighting fish.

  • LENGTH: 11' 0"
  • APPLICATION: Fishing
  • PADDLER SIZE RANGE: 100-300 lbs.
  • DIMENSIONS: 11' 0" L x 39" W x 7" D
  • WEIGHT: 30 lbs.
  • MATERIAL: PVC Drop-Stitch
  • VALVE TYPE: Leafield - D7
  • D-RINGS: 6
  • HANDLES: 2

    • The drop-stitch material in the center of the board inflates to a rock-hard 20 psi for performance that rivals a hard board, then folds up compactly when deflated for easy transport and storage.
    • Those 7" diameter side chambers, that provide so much stability, are not drop-stitch, so only inflate them to a maximum of 5 psi. Inflate the drop-stitch section before inflating these side chambers.
    • Removable, interchangeable fins let you customize your setup and the ABS plastic fins absorb impacts without breaking.
    • Inflatable SUP boards add versatility to your adventures. So fold up the Heron, chuck it in your rig and sneak to the fishing hole your buddies can't access in a john boat.
    • With 364 liters of air volume and the 5-inch-thick deck with 7-inch-thick outrigger side chambers, the Heron SUP provides optimal performance and stability for anglers up to 300 pounds.
    • Double sidewall construction for increased durability and streamlined aesthetics. The heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch construction stands up to abrasion and abuse.
    • We added a sturdy webbing handle in the center of the board for easy carrying and one handle on the front to aid you during an unexpected swim.
    • We also give you three RAM accessory mounts and RAM accessory attachment bolts, bungee deck rigging up front, and infinitely adjustable rigging on the back for securing your cooler, tackle bag or milk crate.
    • Includes a high-pressure pump for easy inflation, a pressure gauge, travel pack and repair kit.
    One 5" and one 9" fins
    High-pressure pump
    Pressure gauge
    SUP Board Travel Pack
    RAM Mount hardware: (12 qty) 10-24 X 3/4" SS bolts, (12 qty) 1/4"-20 X 3/4" bolts
    Repair kit
    Center drop-stitch inflates to 20 psi (1.379 bar) for super rigid performance
    7" diameter side chambers that inflate up to 5 psi, add great stability
    Three accessory mounts
    Front bungee deck rigging
    Adjustable rigging on the back