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Flint 113

Igniting the passion of the beginning kayak angler

  • LENGTH: 11'3"
  • WIDTH: 33"
  • WEIGHT: 63 LB w/o Seat or 73 LB w/ Seat
  • HEIGHT: 12"
  • DRAFT: 3-6"

    Igniting the passion of the beginning kayak angler, Refueling the fire of experienced anglers looking to get back to the basics, Lighting up lakes and burning down creeks and rivers. It is The Flint, the ultimate tool of survival!!
    Custom Height Pinnacle Seat
    2 x Horizontal Rod Holders
    4 x Flush Mount Rod Tubes
    2 Tackle Box Pockets
    Hawg Trough Channel
    5 x 8 Accessory Freedom Tracks
    Combo Side Handle + Paddle Holder
    Transducer Recess
    Square Transom
    Integrated Foot Pegs
    Rigid Bow Handle
    Stern Crate Space
    Large Bow Storage Space
    Rear Storage Hatch
    Junior Seat Compatible
    Pedal Power (Summer 2018)