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Fit 123 Angler / Motor

  • LENGTH: 375 CM (12'3")
  • WIDTH: 80 CM (31")
  • WEIGHT: ANGLER: 45-47 KG (100-104 LBS); MOTOR: 59-61 (130-135 LBS)
  • CAPACITY: 200 KG (441 LBS)
  • PONTOONS: 95X20 CM (37"X20")

    Fit 123 is available in three versions: Fit 123 Angler, Fit 123 Motor and Fit 123 Sail.
    Fit 123 Angler is fully equipped with the best fishing features and extras for serious anglers. It is very stable and has lots of storage space for your equipment and catch.
    Fit 123 Motor has all the same features as Fit 123 Angler with one big difference - It has an engine that adds extra power to your fishing trips and gives you the ability to move around fast.
    Comfort seat
    Paddle holder, cup holder
    Rudder & adjustable foot control
    1 rear hatch & 1 front hatch
    1 rear & 1 front storage area with rubber bands for securing luggage
    Stand up bar
    Anchor 5kg and anchor rope 20m
    Two rod holders behind seat
    Mounting site for echo-sounder or other equipment
    2 pontoons and brackets for mounting
    Motor 18LBS 12V (available for Fit 123 Motor, does not include the battery)