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Cetus LV

truly unrivalled by any other sea kayak

  • LENGTH: 531cm
  • WIDTH:54cm
  • COCKPIT WIDTH: 41.5cm
  • WEIGHT: 22.5 - 24.5kg
  • CAPACITY: 110kg

    If you are a smaller or lighter paddler then you really require a sea kayak that has been designed with your stature in mind. With the Cetus LV we began hand-shaping a body that would ensure you have the same experience with full control of the boat out there on the water as everybody else. The Cetus LV is a sleek and elegant performer that really utilises the available space to balance the volume creating a highly manoeuvrable and versatile British sea kayak. The Cetus LV has superb stability in all conditions and the ability to inspire confidence is remarkable and truly unrivalled by any other sea kayak out there.
    Length and 'shallow V-hull'
    The Swede form design
    Low Volume

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Cetus HV

The boat for getting out there and getting away from it all!

  • LENGTH: 557cm
  • WIDTH:57cm
  • COCKPIT WIDTH: 41.5cm
  • WEIGHT: 25-28kg
  • CAPACITY: 140kg

    The 'Cetus' is a fast cruiser designed as a load carrier. It has become the natural choice for paddlers looking for a stable expedition platform or a fast, easy to paddle boat for long distance paddles. However it's not just a boat for long trips though, it's equally as capable being used as a fast day cruiser. The Cetus sees a resurrection of a concept we were playing around with ten years ago: the fourth hatch in easy reach in front of your cockpit. It's proving more and more popular with paddlers who want somewhere quick and easy to reach to stow a camera or day gear when things are getting a bit rougher. For 2011 the original Cetus has been adjusted to create the new Cetus HV. Volume has been increased, redistributed and balanced in certain areas to give larger paddlers more knee and foot room with an increased carrying capacity. This has also allowed us to fine tune the seat position to improve tracking and give more neutral and predictable handling.
    Expedition capable:
    Effortless distance:
    Easy to paddle:

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Cetus MV

  • LENGTH: 541cm
  • WIDTH: 54.5cm
  • COCKPIT WIDTH:41.5cm
  • WEIGHT: 23.5 - 27.5kg
  • CAPACITY: 115kgs

    If you've ever wondered how your favourite sea kayaking photographer gets such crisp shots whilst on the water, the answer is probably a Cetus; a shallow V hull and large, rounded chines smoothly transitioning in to a slender bow and stern means the Cetus can cover distance comfortably, but will also swing round nimbly on edge, all whilst being remarkably stable. The Cetus is a load carrying cruiser, and features 4 hatches for the versatile distribution of gear, but is equally at home on day trips; its stability and highly comfortable outfitting will allow paddlers of any ability to confidently push their limits and enjoy the unique environments sea kayaking has to offer.
    Long Waterline and Shallow V Hull
    Large, Rounded Chines
    Swede Form Design
    *Low Back Deck and Cockpit Rim
    4 Hatches
    Deck Reinforcement as Standard