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The easiest paddling Greenland kayak around

  • LENGTH: 17'
  • GUNWALE WIDTH: 21.5"
  • MIDSHIP: 13"
  • COCKPIT: 16"X30"
  • WEIGHT: 60 LB
  • CAPACITY: 150-220 LB

    Skate through wave washed caves, every corner a new discovery. Glide across a mountain lake, the water mirroring the billowing clouds of the never-ending sky. The Currituck combines greater initial stability with an easy to carve width, making it the easiest paddling Greenland kayak around. The 17' hull is great for long crossings, but also manoeuvrable enough to handle big waves. The rocker is enough to turn with a paddle stroke on a lazy paddle, but get this kayak on the edge and it has the manoeuvrability to explore the tightest spots or race confidently down the crashing surf.