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Baffin Series

The Baffin is built for the rigors of rough seas. Its unique hull design provides paddlers with a lively yet stable boat compared to other Greenland style kayaks. The three models in the series are well suited for a wide range of paddlers who demand immediate control and predictability. The generous sized opening of the hatch allows paddlers to load up adequate amounts of gear for up to two weeks, while the day hatch keeps your essentials handy while on the water. The Baffin comes with a full compliment of deck rigging and a comfortably outfitted cockpit. This versatile series makes choosing a kayak a breeze. There are three different sizes, each available in rotomolded plastic, thermoformed ABS or composite construction. See the table below for technical specifications and paddler weight range for each model.

  • HDPE
    MODEL P100 P200 P300
    Length 16'5" 17" 17'5"
    Beam 21.5" 22.25" 23.75"
    Cockpit 16"x 31" 16"x 31" 16.5"x 31"
    Weight 62.8 lbs (28.5 kg) 65.5 lbs (29.7 kg) 69.9 lbs (31.7 kg)
    Min/Max Weight Paddler 90 to 190 lbs 140 to 225 lbs 200 to 300 lbs
    Beluga Skirt Size Large Large X-Large
    MODEL T200 ABS
    Length 17" (5.2 m)
    Width 22.25" (56.5 cm)
    Cockpit 16" x 31" (41 x 79 cm)
    Weight 58.4 lbs (26.5 kg)
    Capacity 295 lb (134 kg)
    Beluga Skirt Size Large